College...A New Frontier

No one plans to fail at life. If I surveyed campuses all over the world, it would be hard to find even one student whose goal for college is to fail. Unfortunately, after the first semester of college many students find themselves with serious GPA problems due to failures. A poor beginning affects your finances, your time, your self-esteem, and your future.

How do you avoid becoming one of those failure statistics? That's what TIME 4 COLLEGE is all about-- teaching young adults how to survive and thrive in this huge life adjustment called college.

The greatest challenge to your success will not be the difficulty of the courses, but rather the way that you manage, utilize, and prioritize your time on a daily basis.  

TIME 4 COLLEGE is not a boring session on how to make to-do list. Instead, it is time to discover how to be successful. By learning how to utilize your brain's innate ability to manage time, you can foster a successful and thriving atmosphere. Time can become your ally instead of your enemy.

TIME 4 COLLEGE Seminars and Workshops are designed to equip students to manage the transition to college life. For twelve years teachers and parents have been responsible for your success. Now that you are in college, you must personally take responsibility for managing and balancing school, work, extra curricular activities and social life and make the majority of life decision on your own. TIME 4 COLLEGE will change your life forever!  

TIME 4 COLLEGE College Success Workshop 
for High School Seniors/ College 
***GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE- Invest in the TIME of Their Lives!***

Good time skills don't just happen- they must be taught!  Don't spend your first semester trying to find out how to keep up with all the time requirements of college. Commit an afternoon or evening to equipping yourself to not only be successful student but to find TIME to fulfill your purpose.  With just thirty minutes a day over the course of your college time, you can apply over 700 hours toward that dream of greatness burning inside of you. 

* Learn simple techniques to never miss a due date on an assignment or test
* Learn how to balance your class load around peak athletic demands
* How much time does 12 hours of class REALLY need
* Find time for a social life that doesn't derail your academics
* How do you manage all those big assignments?
* How do you overcome procrastination, interruptions and that inconsiderate dormmate?
* How do you plan your class schedule and study time around YOUR strength?

Workshops conducted in churches or on high-school or college campuses around Knoxville, TN. 

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