About Time Priority Workshops
Established in 1996, Time Priority Workshops have been changing lives for years. From church congregations, youth, business, women groups, college freshmen and athetes, or executive training meetings of financial planners and realtors, the Time Priority Workshop adapts to many diverse people groups.  The common link- we all need more time!

Elizabeth Franklin, Author and Motivationalist, taught on time priorities and balance for years.  In 1996, a career change from a busy financial planning practice to full time prayer ministry radically changed her perspective of time. I Miss My Time With You, a Christian perspective to time stewardship, was published in 1996. She has also authored a time priority self-help book series for tweens and teens, TIME 4 KIDS and TEENS and TIME 4 High SchoolTime 4 Kids and Teens Christian Edition and Time 4 High School Christian Edition.  In 2013 Liz released the first of a picture book formatted series for elementary school children, The TIME Doctor helps Late Lenny.  She is currently writing the first in a series of Lessons for Success and a time priority book for college students while developing TIME4KIDS for K-4th graders. 

Liz offers workshops for college and college-bound students, TIME 4 COLLEGE Time Priority and Success WorkshopsTIME 4 MOMS, TIME 4 KIDS and TEENS, and TIME 4 High School workshops. These workshops not only help young people define and find time for the priorities of their lives and develop practical skill to manage time, but they also help youth discover purpose and learn life skills and success principles that will serve them far beyond school or college life.   

The positive response to the workshops encouraged Elizabeth to develop self-help books for children and youth that are excellent home school curriculums for time management. (visit www.TIME2BGREAT.COM to learn more about the TIME 4 books.)

Liz has been recognized in many publications throughout the years because of her ability to manage business, social, community involvement, and family. From America's Top 2000 Women, The International Directory of Distinquished Leaders, World's Who Who of Women, Who's Who of Professional and Business Women, Notable American Women, and Five Hundred Leaders of Influence are just a few of the publications recognizing the quality of her time as a balanced business professional and community leader. The time skills and abilities she exhibited to bring her on the forefront of the world can do the same for you.  

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