Welcome to the Time Priority Workshops 

Time...there never seems to be enough. You blink your eyes, and you are graduating. Blink again and you are married and expecting your first child. Your dreams of changing the world get put on hold. Afternoons of soccer and trips to the zoo, mingled with the hectic schedule of work and home fill your days. Days pass too quickly and those dreams get buried under the responsibilities of life. Blink again and your child is walking down the aisle. Then, a grandparent...retired. Blink again and you are gone. Where did the time go????

Zig Ziglar said "The average person goes to his grave with his music still inside him." My question is...will YOU?  My hope is that through determining what really matters, taking time to find your purpose, and some simple adjustments in how you steward your time, that when you come to the end of your days you will be satisfied with the results of your days here on earth. 

Through workshops, motivational speaking, books, newsletters, and retreats my heart is to see lives forever transformed as I minister to people's time.  It's not just about to do lists and planners, the Time Priority Workshop is a life overhaul. You'll leave changed. I encourage you to take five minutes to explore this website and the life changing potential of my life's work. It began in my 20's when I had a brush with death and made a decision to have quality of life and spend every day as if it were my last. 
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